Privacy Policy
This policy covers data usage for the whole imoji community, including data collected through the use of the imoji or imoji website and iOS application. We are proud supporters and proponents of the New Deal on Data, and thus will only act as temporary chaperones of your data, to put it to good use for you, the imoji community, and the wider public. We will handle the use of your data with complete transparency and only so long as you allow us to use it. If at any point you would like us to delete any data we have associated with your identity, please contact us at and your data will be destroyed within 30 days of verification of your identity.
This Privacy Policy covers what Animet, Inc. (“Animet” “Animet App” “imoji” “imoji App” “imoji” “imoji App” “we” or “our”) does with the Personal Information (as defined herein) that you share with us and the data we collect when you’re accessing our App and/or our Service. By using or accessing our App or our Service, you agree to the privacy policies outlined below.
Some data is collected to improve the product experience. This data is securely transmitted and securely stored, and in no scenario will it ever be sold. No facial biometric data, such as facial mesh data, is stored. Photo and Audio data may be collected to prevent and verify abusive application usage, as well as may be used to generate interest-based suggestions for users or enable other machine-learning-based features. Usage information may be collected to understand application usage and improve the app. Other personal information may be collected, including, but not limited to your name, phone number, date of birth, age, email address, gender, profile pictures, phone book contacts, IP address, device information and interests. This data will never be sold, and will be stored securely on Animet Inc. cloud servers, hosted by Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean, so long as it is deemed useful to development of the imoji application. You may contact to request deletion of any personally associated data, at any time, and we will comply with the request within 30 days of verification of your identity.
We firmly believe that organizations that are open and honest about the utilization of user information are not only more ethical, but more sustainable and impactful due to their ability to do even more extraordinarily helpful things with data that could only ever be collected on a foundation of respect and mutual trust. As new information becomes available, this privacy policy may be updated.